How To Improve Your Site Appraisal Value


1. Think of how to occupy the top page of Google search results
The first thing you must consider is how to occupy the first page of Google and other search engines search results. You must understand the relevance of Google page ranking. Once you learn how to do this, you would achieve a favorable Google page ranking. Some of the simple ways you can achieve this include having several back links to your websites and blogs. When we talk about backlinks, we are referring to those links directed to your website by other similar sites on the internet. You can get several backlinks when you pass enough information about your site. Apart from linking similar sites, you can encourage webmasters to link back to you just as you link to them. Moreover, you can get more backlinks when you post your website’s URL in comments on other people’s blogs or forums. Many useful backlinks can improve your page ranking any time there are Google updates. Usually Google updates once in three to five months.
2. Secondly, Consider an aged domain:
It is always better to go for a domain that has existed for several years. If you have a new domain, you have to exercise patient until it matures. Domain age is very important in the estimate value of any website. If you cannot exercise patient for your domain to mature in age, you can consider purchasing a domain that has been in existence for a long time. Resource like Sedo would be of immense help when you want to purchase an expiring domain. Your site would be more relevant if the domain existed for many years.
3. Learn how your site can get exposure from Alexa.com and Compete.com
You can easily evaluate your site performance by using these two different, but related services. They assess your website using different techniques. You can improve your site’s value using the two, for you to do that, you should learn how each works and how best to use them. You should know however that you always would get a better assessment and estimation from these two sites if you get many visitors to your website. This would help to rank your website high.
4. Learn how to increase your site’s Google and Yahoo Links
The readability of your website on search engines like Google and Yahoo is very important. You have to discover the various ways of achieving this. You can try methods such as setting your site sitemap, enhancing the accessibility of the website and several other ways. You have to research other ways of enhancing your page links on the prominent search engines.
5. Think about how to improve your URL market value
Before buying your site URL, you have to think of the quality, because this enhances the marketability of such URL. It would be difficult to change your URL after paying for it. This is why it is recommended that such high quality extensions like .com or .org, as well as .net are better. In the same way, you should avoid infamous extensions like .mobi or .info. You have better chances of marketability if you have a good extension. Moreover, you should ensure that name you choose is clean. Consider dictionary words. Selecting a single word is easier and better than two or multiple words. Finally, try to keep the name short. These five tips above would help improve the estimate value of your domain.