Elderly Man Caught by CCTV Camera Stealing Bottles of Wine

Watch how an elderly man enters a wine shop in Port Harcourt, selects some bottles then decides to stuff two large bottles into his baggy trouser and walks away.

What the sales girl did afterwards would shock you, in order to protect the dignity of the sales girl, I won’t share that video.
The elderly man told the girl to wait that he’s going to get money from his car across the road so he left, the girl waited for some time then realized that the man isn’t coming back to buy anything, she then decided to return the wine bottles back to the shelf before she realized the missing bottles.
She went outside to look for the man but he’s long gone, she then decided to lockup the shop and look for him outside but still she couldn’t find him then she returned to the shop
Moments later, the owner of the shop came back and saw blood every where with the sale girl lying in the middle of it, she rushed to pick the girl up and asked her what happened, the sales girl told the madam that she was robbed at gun point, that the thieves used the bottle to injure her.
The owner felt bad for her, cleaned her up and treated her. A thought came to her to view the CCTV footage in her office and that was when she saw the full event, she saw the man take two bottles and she was curious to how the sales girl got injured so she decided to watch the footage further till she discovered that the injuries on the sales girl were self inflicted.
As the sales girl realized that she has been robbed and there is nothing she could do about it, she decided to cook up a lie to cover up for her mistake, so she sat on the floor, took a bottle of st Remy and started to hit her head with it, the bottle didn’t break so she stood up, collected a lighter bottle and continued to knock her head with it till it broke, she then took the broken bottle to draw lines on her fore arm thereby injuring her self, she used this bottle to make incisions on her body at different parts to make it look as if she was attached by robbers in order to lie to her boss not knowing that the CCTV system installed in the shop was recording everything.
The sales girl was later sacked after the event.‎