logo design mistakes

Business Logo Design Mistakes

Here are the common logo design mistakes to be avoided while designing a Logo

Avoid following trends

Logo design trends such as swooshes, bevels or glows are temporary. Moreover, many designers have already followed them. Therefore, trends ultimately end up in being nothing more than cliché. So, avoid imitating old or frequently used designs. To avoid the trends, you should be aware of them.


Keep away from raster images

You should avoid using raster images to design your business logos. Raster images can cause issues with reproduction. Since raster images consist of pixels, they are prone to distortion when zoomed a little to bigger sizes. Surely, you would like your logo to look great in all sizes. Make sure that you understand difference between vector and rafter digital graphic files.


Do not use stock art

Another blatant mistake many designers make is use of stock images. You must keep at bay the temptation of incorporating stock art in logo. Often, small businesses resort to using such images for lack of adequate funds. But they forget the pitfalls of incorporating stock art in creation of logos. Since stock images have already been used in many designs, their use in your logo will compel people to take your business as substandard, non-serious and unprofessional. Besides, you may also face legal issues if you use stock images meant strictly for personal use and not for commercial purposes such as logos. Logos need to be original and unique, especially if they’re licensed to you. Stock vectors aren’t licensed to your company exclusively because they’re used by others across the globe. If your logo features a stock vector image or even part of one, you’re potentially liable for breaking the supplying website’s license agreement

Design for you target audience

Chief aim of a logo is to communicate a message to target audience. But if a logo design aims more at pleasing a client or designer himself rather than potential customers of client’s business, such logo design fails to make an impact on consumers. Hence, it fails in its purpose of building brand identity for company it represents. Make sure that you design for your target audience.

Avoid creating a complex logo

Some designers create complex logo designs to impress clients. That is a big mistake. Logos must look simple to the people and target customers so that they can easily grab a message, which is main purpose behind designing a logo. Moreover, a complex design may lose its shape, size and key design details when printed on different surfaces such as newspaper and billboards. So, avoid creating highly detailed logos. Keep the design as simple as you can.


Avoid abstract logos

An abstract could grow to be an unforgettable one in several cases. It could keep a company aside and make their design succeed as being earlier than the times and even a piece of art in its own right. However, then there are the abstract logos that are not simply interpretable.

To conclude, your logo design must stand out in the overcrowded market where plenty of logos are vying for consumers’ attention. As you rule out such mistakes in creating your logo, your company is closer to boasting of a unique and memorable logo design that is capable to grab attention of the audience instantly.